An elegance that does not fear the passing of time.
This is the product that is widest used and best known, most ductile and imitated: the symbol of porphyry.

Cut and placed, one by one, by hand, cubes carry the unparalleled strength and beauty of natural handcrafted stone.

They adapt to any situation, always reflecting the aesthetic and technical characteristics of the stone itself, with incomparable results both geometric and chromatic.

Cube pavings are natural, fascinating and always up-to-date.
They are produced in various formats: the smallest, size 4-6 centimetres, is perfect for paths and yards with light and pedestrian traffic.
Size 6-8 centimetres is ideal for large courtyards and avenues with heavier traffic.
Cubes sized 8-10 centimetres are for areas that must have the highest strength and ductility.
Other forms of larger size are available for specific applications.


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